Proxy Preview

Proxy Preview 2017 is available for download now!

Proxy Preview 2017, the report hailed by the Chicago Tribuneas the “Bible for socially progressive foundations, religious groups, pension funds, and tax-exempt organizations”, is available for download now!

Proxy Preview 2017 — is the 13th annual edition of the insider’s guide to social and environmental shareholder proposals.

This free publication is the #1 resource for shareholders looking to align their values and investments.

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Proxy Preview provides the most comprehensive data on more than 400 resolutions—including corporate political spending, climate change, energy, human rights, diversity, sustainability, and much more.

More than 30 guest authors provide analysis and expert insight to help you navigate the issues and successfully vote your shares.

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Proxy Preview 2017 offers:

    • An overview of hundreds of environmental, social and sustainable governance resolutions filed for the upcoming proxy season
    • In-depth analysis of the resolutions by co-author Heidi Welsh Executive Director of Sustainable Investments Institute (Si2)
    • A user-friendly index of all companies with upcoming social and environmental proxy votes this season
    • Background and resources on shareholder proposals and advocacy by dozens of proponents curated and edited by co-author Michael Passoff CEO of Proxy Impact (PI)
    • Insights on key proposals and proxy voting from Ken Bertsch, Council of Institutional Investors, Michael Garland (Executive Director for Corporate Governance, New York City Office of the Comptroller), Tim Smith, (Director of ESG Shareowner Engagement, Walden Asset Management), As You Sow, Ceres, PAX World Investments, Center for Political Accountability, Trillium Asset Management, AFSCME, Arjuna Capital, and more
    • A re-cap of the 2016 proxy season

This report would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors:

As You Sow, the Sustainable Investments Institute, and Proxy Impact are proud to present this 13th edition of this unique free resource for shareholders looking to align their values and investments.


Proxy Preview is a collaboration between As You Sow, Sustainable Investments Institute (Si2), and Proxy Impact


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Proxy Preview is a collaboration between three organizations seeking to help investors align their values with their investments.

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A list of recent reports about shareholder proposal issues, organizations, and investor campaigns engaged in this year’s proposals or which support shareholder advocacy.


Meet the people who contributed to Proxy Preview 2017.

Contesting Proposals at the SEC

All resolutions must conform to the Shareholder Proposal Rule of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, which sets procedural as well as substantive standards for admissibility.

Proxy Voting 101

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