Proxy Preview 2019

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Proponents have filed at least 386 shareholder resolutions on environmental, social and sustainability issues for the 2019 proxy season, with 303 still pending as of February 15. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) staff have allowed the omission of only six proposals so far in the face of company challenges, far fewer than the 27 omitted at this point last year because the SEC was included in the recent six-week government shutdown. Companies have lodged objections to at least 54 more proposals that have yet to be decided.

Proponents have already withdrawn more proposals than they had last year—71, up from 62 in mid-February 2018. Usually these are a sign that proponents and companies have reached an agreement.


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Look at the index that shows how many proposals have been filed at each company in each of the major topic categories.

Climate Change/Environment
Sustainability Reporting/Oversight
Corporate Political Activity
Diversity/Decent Work
Human Rights