A reformulated proposal about water at Pilgrim’s Pride asks it to report by December “on how the company is responding to increasing regulatory, public and competitive pressure to significantly reduce water pollution from the company’s owned facilities; facilities under contract; and suppliers.” Proposals with the same thrust earned 6.6 percent in 2018 and 14.7 percent in 2017. The proposal makes clear its concern is about water pollution from the company’s chicken production plants; it lists a number of fines levied against the company for recent violations.

In a different industry altogether, proponents at Energen want a report “on its climate-related water risk, including comprehensive strategies to mitigate that risk beyond regulatory requirements.” As You Sow notes growing water shortages nationwide that it says present the company with a “material liability” since shortages could prompt shutdowns for oil and gas operations such as Energen’s which use “significant amounts of water” and yet are located in areas of scare water resources. The proposal suggests peer companies provide better information. The proposal suggests Energen should disclose its water sources and how much it withdraws and consumes, competing local demands for supplies, water quality impacts from leaks or wastewater discharges, and quantitative goals for water management and use reduction. Recent resolutions at the company have focused on methane, but a hydraulic facturing proposal in 2011 earned 49.5 percent.